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Toushay Beacon Engagement App

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Deliver & refresh Beacon triggered content in real-time, at scale. Add in-app & in-store engagements to your Marketo driven mobile marketing campaigns
Main Features
  • Real-time beacon content
  • Manage beacons at scale
  • In-location Mobile Engagement
  • Push mobile updates instantly

Beacon-powered in-store mobile marketing offers marketers a valuable opportunity to engage with prospects and customers at the precise moment and place they are making a purchase decision.

Being able to deliver highly relevant content to a customer’s smartphone based on progressive profiling, active lead scoring, shopping activities and in-aisle location provides an unprecedented ability to engage shoppers and influence their purchasing behaviors.

The Toushay Beacon App helps marketers design effective beacon marketing programs that enhance the consumer engagement experience while also driving measurable business results.

Marketers can now track and attribute in-location behaviors as part of their overall marketing strategies. Mobile applications, kiosks and staff held devices become a measurable part of the complete customer journey.

Start leveraging the power of in-location customer engagement with Toushay.