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TIBCO Simplr

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TIBCO Simplr® is a personal productivity tool that lets you automate tasks so you can focus on what’s important.
Main Features
  • Create and publish forms fast
  • Connect your cloud apps
  • Automate your tasks with flows

Automation just got personal

Collect, manage, and move data by connecting the people and cloud apps you rely on every day—and do it yourself.

  • Create a flow to get your apps talking to each other, or use a template.

  • Add a form if you want to get data from people.

  • Your flow runs, data moves, apps hum, and your work gets done.

TIBCO Simplr® is the power of TIBCO automation and integration for business users, so everyone in your organization can work smarter and more independently.

Increase productivity
Whether you’re planning and executing sales and marketing campaigns, moving data in or out of Marketo or just trying to get more done, Simplr® saves you time so you can address more, and more valuable opportunities. 

Reduce dependence on IT
Simplr® helps you hack your job independently, without coding or help from IT. Marketing, sales and any other department can benefit from personal automation. IT benefits too, because they are freed from small requests and can focus on mission critical issues.

Improve the quality of your work
Routine, data-intensive tasks leave plenty of room for error, but rest easy, TIBCO Simplr® flows let you replace your manual process with machine-driven excellence. The result? You, just get better.

Innovate on the fly
DIY integration, forms, and flows let you do your work your very own way. New ideas and last minute changes? Go ahead! TIBCO Simplr® helps you bring creativity and innovation to everyday tasks.