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TIBCO Cloud Integration

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Efficiently share data among cloud applications—even those used by other departments—to save time, eliminate transfer errors, and increase speed
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Out-of -the-box connectivity
  • Zero-code development
  • Process-driven integration
  • Expose your APIs

TIBCO Cloud Integration gives Marketo developers integration capabilities lacking in traditional point-to-point connectors.  Leveraging 20 years of application integration innovation, we’ve purpose built TIBCO Cloud Integration to solve your particular cloud integration problems.

 Using drag-and-drop operation, quickly and easily share Marketo data with multiple systems at the same time, thereby lowering integration complexity, costs, and maintenance. Enhance Marketo information with additional data from other services, or change or translate data so that each system receives the most complete and accurate information in the format it needs. 

Marketo Integration


Marketo Integration

TIBCO Cloud Integration Plug-in for Marketo helps you achieve seamless integration between your Marketo environment and hundreds of other cloud-based systems, without the need for costly, time-consuming, high-risk hand-coding.  This tight integration with Marketo will facilitate the rapid sharing of critical information about prospects and customers, sales and marketing programs across your entire ecosystem.  



  • Increased productivity with zero-code design interface
  • Unlock relevant information quickly so it can be shared across the enterprise
  • Simplify administration with a built-in monitoring tool
  • Bi-directional data sharing between systems
  • Cloud based solution with no data center requirements