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The Big Willow Buyer Intent Network

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The Big Willow uncovers Buying Intent of purchasing teams who are researching specific problems and vendors.
Main Features
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Intent Qualified Leads
  • Buyer Intent Ad Targeting

We build The Big Willow Buyer Intent Network by listening to millions of devices across 5,000+ published web sites to determine companies and people in your market by their location, interests and buying stage.  The resulting data feed empowers three elements of your sales and marketing programs:

  • AdTech - The Big Willow provides real-time ad targeting to prospects showing a high level of Buyer Intent within your category. Rather than wait for the prospect to deliberately reveal their identity, you achieve a competitive advantage by identifying prospects early in the Buying Journey - when you have an opportunity to impact their decision. 

    Online advertising with The Big Willow means they see your ads after they read published articles, blog posts, product reviews, and other branded content relevant to your solution offering.
  • MarTech - The success of Account Based Marketing pivots on two fundamental questions - which accounts and what messages each account needs to hear? 

    The Big Willow targets in-market accounts as measured by their Buyer Intent signals as they consume relevant content on the web, Their Buyer Intent signals also reveal where they are in the buying journey so that Account Based Marketing strategies can be fine tuned to best impact their understanding and build momentum towards your offering.
  • Sales Enablement - Intent Qualified Leads have clearly shown an interest in your solution by virtue of their in-category content consumption across the web. Measured at the account level, these leads encompass the entire buying committee that will ultimately decide if, when, and what to purchase. 

    The Big Willow proactively identifies new deals early in the buying journey as well as tracks increase Buyer Intent as deals progress.