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Automatically send authentic looking handwritten cards via Smart Campaigns. Complements email as a great way to reach out, with very high open rates.


Customers and prospects are inundated with digital messages.  They can get numb to them, or never see them at all (due to spam or other erroneous filtering or glitches).


With Thankster for Marketo you can easily add authentic looking, personalized handwritten cards to your campaigns that are sent automatically.  Send mailed, handwritten cards with the ease and efficiency of digital communication.  More effective than typical direct mail.


See the Guide to Using Marketo wth Thankster at


General Benefits of Handwritten Cards with Thankster+Marketo


* Handwritten mail has a nearly 100% open rate, standing out as a coveted nugget in a pile of 3rd class mail.

* Nurture existing customers

* Impress and acquire potential customers

* Generate positive word of mouth and viral goodwill

* Automate card sending by certain rules, customer behavior

* Increased referrals

* Improved customer retention

* Enhanced brand perception and awareness

* Writing notes manually is time-consuming and labor intensive so it is often hard to maintain.


Thankster+Marketo is BEST Way to Personalize Your Campaigns


* AUTHENTIC! - Our handwriting technology is extremely authentic, leading to very high open rates

* EASY TO USE! - We generate a Webhook URL for you which you copy into Marketo

* CHEAPER PER PIECE! - Writing them by hand, or having others do it, is very expensive.

* Pay at THE END of the month, after you’ve mailed, and only for what you use

* Folder cards, not postcards - more authentic, more room to convey your message

* Great selection of cards, or create your own (we can help you do this)

* Great selection of handwriting styles, which you can adjust to approximate your own

* Ability to use your own handwriting - we can even make it neater

* No minimum volume required

* Great customer service

* Personalize with greeting name and other custom fields

* High quality, heavy weight paper stock

* We use first class stamp for greater authenticity


Some Popular Uses


* Loyalty and reactivation programs for current and dormant users

* Trigger a card after minimum purchase

* Trigger a card when contact enters or leaves a stage in your pipeline

* Thank key customers

With Thankster plus Marketo you will surprise and delight customers and prospects in a systemized, efficient, cost-effective way that never stops, even for hand cramps.


There is nothing to install in order to utilize Thankster from within a Marketo campaign. It’s basically a 3 step process that you do one time:


Step 1 - Create a project in Thankster

Step 2 - In Thankster, generate a Webhook URL for that project

Step 3 - Paste that URL into a Smart Campaign in Marketo


That’s it! Then every time that campaign runs in Marketo, the contacts it runs on will get a handwritten card in the mail tailored to them (especially if you use merge tags).


Click to the left to see our guide for more details.


Our cards (folder cards with handwritten envelopes, not postcards) use special technology to look completely authentic, and yet they are very affordable!


If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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