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Automatically create persuasive content from your satisfied customers.



The TechValidate SaaS platform creates credible content, sourced directly from your satisfied customers. The best way to prove your value propositions is the voice of your satisfied customers, but usually no more than 5% to 10% will go on the record.


TechValidate dramatically increases the percentage of your customer base you can harness to produce public-facing marketing collateral – often by 3X or more.


Sales Funnel

Our clients use TechValidate content to accelerate the sales process at each level of the buyer's journey:

  • At the top end of the funnel, TechValidate proof increases conversion rates in lead generation and advertising campaigns.
  • In the consideration phase, TechValidate content provides personalized proof points to move a prospect from cold to hot.
  • In the decision phase, sales teams use TechValidate content to showcase hard ROI and operational metrics of their product or service's success.


Embed highly credible, 3rd-party verified customer proof directly into your Marketo campaigns and landing pages with TechValidate.

How it Works:

The TechValidate Connector for Marketo syncs your TechValidate content into your Marketo environment so you can easily embed 3rd-party evidence in your email campaigns and landing pages.

 What You Get:

  • A steady stream of credible, fresh content
  • Hundreds of content assets for Highly Targeted Campaigns  (filterable by industry, company size, role, and more)
  • Control: You choose which content is synced – your entire TechValidate content library, or just the specific assets you choose

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