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The gateway to higher conversions, better data, and seamless data management at scale with Synthio’s Marketo Connector


Synthio is a contact-centric database management platform that automates the cleansing, standardization, and synthesis of data to make it actionable for immediate use by marketing and sales teams. Simply put, we make your data bigger, better and more accurate. Meet customers where they are - not where they were.

With Synthio's Marketo Connector, you can:  

  •  Eliminate inaccurate data that creeps inside your database.
  •  Create detailed profiles that lead to more targeted and higher performing campaigns.
  •  Seamlessly cleanse datasets from directly inside of Marketo.
  •  Stay within database limitations keeping only the freshest and most up-to-date contactsShorten web   forms to increase conversion.


Synthio’s Marketo Connector enables real-time data appending and enrichment with custom connectors into Marketo to streamline the simplest path to seamless data management at scale, speed, and efficiency for today’s marketers demand. 

Easily plug into Marketo by: 

1. Set Up Connection

2. Map Fields

3. Process Append

4. Send enriched data back to Marketo

*Certified Marketo Integration Partner 

*Synthio easily integrates with Marketo and Salesforce CRM

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Synthio's Data-as-a-Service platform provided our marketing and sales teams with clean and up-to-date contact records, enriched with valuable data points that allow for more strategic segmentation
Colin Day, VP, Global Demand Centre & Marketing CTO @ FIS