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Synthio makes it easy for Marketo users to cleanse and append their Marketo database to build accurate segments for every stage of the buyer journey.


Synthio is a new kind of always-on customer data platform with continuously updated contact information. It’s how B2B sales and marketing teams get to the right people faster. 

Outdated data, whitespace, misinformation, &technical hurdles can create a big gap between you and the people you’re trying to reach – costing millions in wasted efforts and missed opportunities. 

What does it take to close the gap? 

  • The accuracy of a people-first approach:  You get global coverage that stays current because we follow the people, not the company. We fill the whitespace,  triple-verify the data, and manage it more effectively.
  • The ease of our always-on platform:   You get enterprise-grade functionality in a self-service platform that continuously updates your data and easily integrates with the other marketing tools.
  • The promise of white-glove support: You get a named account exec, clear communication, & continuous improvements.


Certified Marketo Integration Partner

Synthio easily integrates with Marketo and Salesforce CRM

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Synthio's Data-as-a-Service platform provided our marketing and sales teams with clean and up-to-date contact records, enriched with valuable data points that allow for more strategic segmentation
Colin Day, VP, Global Demand Centre & Marketing CTO @ FIS