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Leading data provider offers the largest accurate, real-time, global B2B contact database for net new contacts and contact data correction.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Over 200M Global B2B Contacts
  • Generate New Targeted Contacts
  • Clean & Append your Database
  • ABM-Match Personas to Accounts

Synthio is a data platform that has served over 1,500 customers, giving them the ability to merge non-standard or free-form data into a single, usable dataset, as well as standardize, augment and simply understand more about their existing data through a data health analysis. 

Four main functions of Synthio:

  • Generate net new targeted contacts using custom search platform
  • Access to over 200M Global Contacts
  • Match targeted personas to targeted accounts, for the perfect ABM foundation
  • Strategically clean their existing databases and append 60+ fields of data

Synthio was founded in 2011, and was recently named to the INC 5000 list of fastest growing private companies for its 3rd consecutive year. 

Marketo Integration

Synthio's Marketo App enables users to access two Synthio functionalities: Origination and Append, from within Marketo. The Origination feature enhances a marketer’s ability to find net new targeted leads and push them effortlessly into Marketo without the hassle of import/export. The Append feature enables Marketo customers to verify, update, and enrich contacts directly inside their Marketo instance. With the Synthio App, marketers can easily create micro-segments from their enriched data.