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Cloudingo | Data Deduplication & Cleansing

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Cloudingo chases down and eliminates duplicate data!
Main Features
  • Find duplicates fast
  • Flexible, customizable filters
  • Preserve critical info
  • Automate and schedule

"When we got Cloudingo I said, 'I can't believe we did anything else before this!'"

-Alexis, Lucid

Cloudingo solves the problem that so many organizations face: lead, contact, and account duplicates. Cloudingo chases down and eliminates duplicate data, cutting down on all the clutter that tends to build up inside Salesforce.

Cloudingo’s Marketo integration provides you with the ability to find duplicates coming from Marketo to Salesforce, merge data into a single record, and better manage your data. Prevent duplicates from entering Salesforce from Marketo, and sync the merged records back to Marketo.

Cloudingo is cloud-based, user-friendly, flexible, and secure. Remove duplicate data in your existing Salesforce database or from imports. Easily integrate and manage customer data to ensure that you're always working with the most accurate, up-to-date info.

  • Find duplicate records in seconds and dedupe data
  • Merge and convert from a simple dashboard view
  • Auto-Merge, mass merge, or manually merge duplicate records without losing any important data
  • Mass update and mass delete records
  • Geocode, validate, and standardize addresses
  • Cleanse import files before the data reaches Salesforce
  • Use prebuilt filters or easily create your own to make Cloudingo work for you
  • Drag-and-drop UI
  • Audit trails to track data changes
  • Manage multiple users with permission-based roles
  • Extensive online knowledge base and superior customer service and support

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"Knowing there is a system in the background keeping everything clean is a huge comfort."

-Brooke, 1800-Accountant


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