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An integrated mobile marketing automation platform: analytics, push notifications, A/B testing and in-app campaign delivery.


Swrve is a single, integrated platform for driving mobile engagement and monetization within mobile apps.

If it drives mobile success, it's in Swrve. From in-app campaigns and local-time push notifications to real-time responsive UX and A/B testing, Swrve enables you to control every aspect of the mobile experience, understand what makes your users tick, and serve up the content and offers they want.

Swrve is easy to integrate - it takes one line of code and ten minutes to get up and running - easy to use, and delivering ROI for some of the world’s leading app developers and publishers.


Swrve takes advantage of Marketo's Webooks to provide an intuitive experience for any Marketo user who is accustomed to using Webhooks to integrate additional communication channels into their Marketo Programs.

For example, using Marketo Campaigns, you can easily send Push Notifications and In App Messages directly within your workflow, giving users a seamless experience between web, email and mobile.

Integration is simple and shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to configure.  For more information, download the integration guide to the right.

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