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Send surveys to prospects directly from Marketo. See results in your database and personalize your marketing, accelerating leads down the funnel.


SurveyMonkey's Marketo integration

Use SurveyMonkey’s Marketo integration for a powerful new way to accelerate leads down the funnel. Collect crucial feedback from prospects and customers directly from Marketo. Your survey results automatically sync with your leads so you can:

  • Profile and qualify leads faster. Improve your lead scoring, allowing you to more quickly identify MQLs.

  • Personalize nurture. Collect additional lead information with surveys to set up new segments and trigger Smart Campaigns.

  • Increase referrals and renewals. Use surveys to keep leads current, measure NPS, and ask promoters for referrals.


How it works

  1. Contact us to connect your SurveyMonkey and Marketo accounts
  2. Choose an existing survey and map questions to Marketo activity logs or fields
  3. See real-time customer feedback automatically update your Marketo database 


About SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading survey platform

Whether you’re running a poll or conducting in-depth market research, use SurveyMonkey to create any type of survey with ease. More than 36 million people, including 99% of the Fortune 500, use SurveyMonkey’s powerful platform to make great decisions. Send a survey today to see real-time, actionable data in your account. Access 24/7 support, rely on our industry-leading security, and much more. 


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