Command for Marketo

By Sureshot

Sureshot's cloud-based martech solutions solve the three biggest challenges impacting marketing operations.


Experience Exceptional Data Visibility 

Gain 20/20 data visibility with Command, a dashboard that integrates seamlessly with data sources across your enterprise. Designed to enable you to do more with your data, Command allows you to: 

  • See inside your marketing segments at any time  
  • Gauge the quality of data in real-time or historically 
  • Identify and append your total addressable market (TAM) 
  • Locate and eliminate data issues  
  • Track data trends, improvements, baselines and benchmarks


Know the Quality of Every Segment

See data quality metrics segment-by-segment, Measure the quality of segment data over time, Identify and fix gaps in each segment

Evaluate Data Via Trends and Scores

Provide a standard set of scoring metrics for data quality, Identify when issues occur by monitoring data over time, Track and share data baselines

Reach Your Total Addressable Market

Compare your segments to the universe of contacts and accounts, Identify missing data, Know you are reaching the largest audience

Connect & Manage Data Automatically

Continually update the dashboard from multiple data sources, Trigger data validation and enrichment automatically, Send lists to connected sources

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