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Easiest way to double your email subscribers.


SumoMe provides free tools you need to grow your customer base. This plugin will make it easy for your readers to join your email list.


Integration is done in less than 2 minutes to setup Marketo.

Within SumoMe click on Services in any of our email tools.

Then you’ll need a Marketo Instances, Client ID, Client Secret

You need a Marketo Instance. To get yours,

  1. Click admin up top

  2. Go down to web services

  3. Scroll down to rest api and you can see the endpoint/identity

  4. Copy the 123-ABC-456 - this is your Marketo instance. Grab everything before the /rest or /identity part

To create your Client ID and Client Secret:

Now you need to make a new API role,

  1. In Admin Click on Users & Roles

  2. Click on Roles

  3. Click New Role

  4. Role Name is API Rule

  5. Click the box for API access to give the role access to API functions

  6. Click the create button

Now you need to make a new API user,

  1. Click users and roles

  2. Users

  3. Invite new user

  4. Enter an email address, first and last name

  5. Give the user the “API” role you just created and finally check the API only checkbox

Finally, you have to create a Custom service (this is where you get Client ID and Client Secret)

  1. Click LaunchPoint

  2. Create new service

  3. Enter the display name as SumoMe Service

  4. Select Service as Custom

  5. Add description

  6. Finally select the API user you created above and Save

  7. Click on the View Details link next to your new service and get the Client ID and Client Secret.

You now have the three required details for SumoMe - Instance (123-ABC-456), Client ID and Client Secret.


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