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ⓜ Marketing Content Hub

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ⓜ Marketing Content Hub is an enterprise software solution that covers the specific and diverse needs of marketing content management.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • DAM, PCM, Project Management
  • WIP, Marketing Portal
  • Brand Store, Web To Print
  • Channel Publishing


ⓜ Marketing Content Hub covers the specific and diverse needs of marketing content management and the use cases to aggregate, enrich, create, re-use and publish all types of marketing content.


Digital Asset Management

Store, manage and distribute digital assets including graphical files, video, source files and more in a way that is aligned with the way you do business. Supports complex metadata, granular security and global distribution.

Product Content Management

Seamlessly integrate existing product data from master data platforms with new marketing content and assets. Supports multiple brands, complex product ranges and localization.

Project Management & Workflow

Plan and organize campaigns, structure and streamline your marketing content creation processes and put your project managers in the driver’s seat with stage-gate workflows and dashboards.

Work In Progress & Collaboration

Empower teams to do a better job with collaboration tools including browser-based annotation & validation. Works great on tablets too!

Marketing Portal

Set up a dialogue with your marketing community through an engaging, branded, responsive marketing and brand portal. Accommodates editorial content and context including brand guidelines.

Brand Store

Allow self-service reservation or orders for tangibles such as point-of-sales materials or merchandise.

Channel Publishing

Feed publication channels and processes with the latest content, in the format they need. Schedule and publish selected content straight to appropriate online channels such as websites, ecommerce, partner sites and social media.

Web To Print & Automated Layout

Create perfect layouts based on templates and structured or free content.

Marketo Integration

STYLELABS is working on an integration and will update as soon as this is available.