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Stensul is an email CMS that lets anyone build perfect emails while enforcing brand guidelines. No coding knowledge necessary!


Modern marketing teams are using stensul’s email generation platform to centralize and streamline all their email creation processes. Using our unique low-code design and templating tools they’re able to empower users across all marketing teams, while keeping branding, governance, and control top of mind.

By bypassing all of the back-and-forth with designers, developers and QA, marketers can focus on crafting content that inspires and delivers real results. Build emails in our platform, and then instantly send them out through Marketo. No need to worry about Marketo 2.0 templates or email modules, stensul handles it all.

Central teams (designers, email developers, marketing operations) can become platform admins, setting up the modules, templates, and brand guideline rules. Permissioned platform access is granted to end users (the internal ‘customers’ making the email requests) who then fill the copy, links, images, and other content into those module wireframes or templates, while adhering to brand guidelines governed by the platform.

Scale Email Production Through Technology, Not Headcount.

Your email process pre-stensul:

  • Emails take 7-11 business days to turnaround end-to-end (20-30 actual, hands-on work hours per email)
  • Lots of pain, changes take forever, and a really inefficient process
  • Emails from different divisions or international markets are not on-brand, and not consistent
  • Designers and coders are bogged down in the muck of email production, unable to focus on higher-value work
  • Marketers are unable to respond quickly to market events

Your email process with stensul:

  • Non-technical marketers can create perfect, fully responsive emails in under an hour
  • Easily create multiple versions for segmentation or testing without a designer
  • Every email is brand compliant, legally compliant, error-free, and looks great
  • Finished html code is passed automatically to Marketo for you to setup deployment
  • Saves a huge amount of time, money and headache over manual solutions
  • Marketers gain flexibility and time, leading to better results

Actual results seen by Fortune 100 clients with stensul:

  • Weekly email newsletter production time reduced 98% from 4.5 days to 15 minutes
  • Error rate (bad links, broken code) reduced to 0%
  • QA time per email reduced from 1 day to 10 minutes
  • 6x increase in email deployments per month (while still taking less time)
  • $500k/yr in agency fees eliminated
  • Worldwide email program launch in 20 markets, all in local-language

Want to learn more about how stensul can help your organization? Email us at [email protected] to setup a call. 


Marketo Email Templates and Modules

Easily create Marketo email templates and modules using stensul. Set rules for brand guidelines, and quickly generate mobile responsive html.

Review, Commenting & Approvals

Integrated review, commenting, and approvals workflow make end-to-end creation workflows simple.

Pro Customer Success and Support

Stensul is trusted by the world's largest companies. You're in good hands with our incredible customer success team.

Self-Serve Email Module Creation

Admins can create email modules from scratch in minutes!

Max Limit (6 Features)


No work is needed to set up the native stensul integration with Marketo!

During your quick stensul account setup, our team will work with you to securely link your Marketo account to your stensul account.

After an email is completed in stensul, users can push the finished email to Marketo by clicking the 'Upload to Marketo' button in the stensul UI. Your email code and any customized campaign details are then passed to your account within Marketo and the email is ready to be setup for deployment.

If the email changes, the user can easily pass the updated code to overwrite the original, or choose to pass the newer version with a different filename.

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