Digital Thinking. Unique Design

By Star Cooperation

It is our motivation to create special experiences through digital thinking and unique design.


We all know: "Content is King”. But good content alone is not enough. Only in combination with a unique and user-friendly design will it become a success. As specialists in content issues, we design your campaigns together with you. In close collaboration with you, we create content, develop an individual design and code your templates.  

Through our many years of Marketo-experience, we know how we can implement your content successfully within the framework of marketing automation.  

Making complicated things simple and then successfully implementing – that’s what we are strong at.


Creative Content

Creation of individual content – customized for you and your users.

Unique Design

Creation of extraordinary and functional design for your needs.

Coded Templates

We transform your design into suitable templates under the requirements of Marketo.

Campaign realisation

The best design is useless if it is not used correctly. We know how, when and especially where!

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