Retention Radar

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Sparked’s Retention Radar helps companies keep their customers.
Main Features
  • Radar Ingestion Funnel
  • Radar Analytics Engine
  • Radar Predictive Dashboard
  • Retention Automation

Pinpoint your current situation

See exactly what’s driving your customers to stay or leave your business, in a 24/7 updated dashboard that’s easy to read and immediately alerts you to any critical actions that you need to take.

Identify why customers stay and leave

In just a few days, we’ll tell you why people are staying or leaving your business. More importantly, for every reason, we’ll tell you how influential it is, how many people it affects, and the revenue that you will lose if you don’t fix the problem.

Understand the revenue at risk

We combine all the reasons people churn, apply these against each customer profile, and then break your customers into three risk groups, so you can see where people stand and how much revenue is “safe,” “neutral,” and about to be lost.

Know who’s going to stay or leave before they do!

Customers surprise you all the time. They smile one day, and leave the next day. We recognize patterns that you, and not even your customers themselves, can detect. We let you know when a customers’ likelihood to quit merits intervention on your part, and we tell you exactly why they might quit.

Automate Retention Marketing

Set up automated actions - triggering your Marketo campaigns - on the basis of Radar's risk analysis or configured triggers. Radar becomes your quarterback - adding predictive smarts to your marketing campaigns and boosting your retention rate.