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Leading Enterprise Marketing efficiency with strategic consulting and marketing operational services to help you scale globally and deliver results


Success is inevitable when your marketing efforts are seamless. We help you develop a sound strategy, capture accurate data and a create a closed-loop technology system to deliver remarkable value, revenue-defined results and long-term customer loyalty.   

Solomon’s Engagement Framework (Visibility, Attraction, Interest, Relationship, Commitment, Growth) was created to guide our clients into a strategic mind-space to design experiences rather than transactions. MarTech enables those experiences – but it comes second. When you are focused on the “feelings” you want to elicit in your Demand Generation (trust, admiration) then you’ll close more deals and make more money. You will rise above the noise of the sea of B2B BS.   

We leverage our years of expertise as management consultants, developers, marketing directors and data analysts to add specialized knowledge and a wealth of experience to your existing team.   Founded in 2008, Solomon Solution is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. 

Our diverse client portfolio and projects aren’t limited to any region, industry, or size; from start-ups to enterprises, healthcare to luxury consumer products, Solomon Solution will help you fulfill your strategic and operational go-to market requirements.

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Start Strong

Leverage the full power of Marketo by establishing a strong strategy, seamless integrations and clear customer personas.

Align Marketing & Sales

Improve lead quantity and quality by developing customer personas, lead scoring and seamless management.

Optimize Emails & Landing Pages

Refresh your existing designs for higher conversions or start fresh with custom responsive designs.

Empower Your Team

Leverage our exceptional team of developers, Martech consultants, and analysts to go beyond best practices and create continuous success.

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Solomon’s phased approach allowed for Hakkasan to develop our Marketing Automation and CRM solutions quickly and efficiently. Their use of Agile Project Management made working with them simple.
Ryan Porter | Executive Director of Technology Hakkasan Group, Las Vegas