Engagement Stories: Social Media

Explore Customer Engagement Stories to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Engagement

33% of buyer engagement happens on social media (Marketo, 2018), however Marketo’s native capabilities doesn’t have access to this data.This results in an incomplete picture of the customer journey across all channels and results in inaccurate marketing campaign attribution.

Oktopost captures all social engagement data and pushes it directly into Marketo. Attach social engagement to the relevant contacts inside Marketo including link clicks, shares, mentions, likes, retweets, shares, and comments to reveal the true journey of every prospect and customer.

Nurture leads with highly relevant content based on what they engaged with on social media. Build a scoring model that prioritizes social touch-points, and in turn, drives more qualified leads. Accurately attribute demand generation to social media activities – and give social media the credit that it deserves. Segment audiences according to their interactions with social content, networks, and campaigns.

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