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Socedo helps B2B marketers turn social media into warm leads. Gain new Twitter followers, drive website traffic and grow your email database.


Socedo helps B2B marketers discover, engage and qualify new leads through social media data. 

Your target audience is out there on social media, talking about events, key trends, your competitors and other brands in your ecosystem. Socedo connects you directly with the audience that is showing interest in your product space based on keywords and handles mentioned in people's Tweets. 

-Find and connect with new audiences on Twitter based on keywords found in Tweets, engagements with your competitors or any other entity on Twitter. For example, you can set up campaigns to reach people who recently engaged with one of your competitors, mentioned an industry event or an influencer in your space. 

Set up as many campaigns as you like to target multiple audiences or gain Twitter followers for multiple handles. 

-Engage your target audience on Twitter automatically to gain followers and drive website traffic

-Use Socedo's workflows to connect with your target audience at scale. Automatically follow your targets on Twitter and then deliver personalized direct messages to those who follow you back. A/B test direct messages to drive traffic to your website and invite people to download content or fill out a form. Gain insights into the interests of your target audience through campaign reports. 

-Grow your marketing database with new leads

Get new contacts with corporate email addresses into your marketing automation platform or CRM with our direct integrations.  Socedo enriches each contact with up to 50 data points including demographic, firmographic and social media engagement data so that you can create targeted lists for different lead nurturing campaigns. 

-Data enrichment (sync social media lead information into Marketo) - Gain valuable demographic and behavioral information about your new leads. Update your lead records by syncing social engagement data and other fields on your leads from Socedo directly into Marketo.   

Socedo works with businesses of all sizes including those that use Marketo as their marketing automation platform, including Microsoft, F5, Extreme Networks, GoAnimate, and Heinz Marketing. 

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Identify new leads

Identify new leads based on mentions of partners, competitors, events and influencers in people's Tweets as well as descriptive keywords in job titles

Export lead information

Export new leads with up to 50 data points automatically into Marketo or Salesforce CRM.

Engage with new leads on Twitter

Gain targeted followers, A/B test direct messages to drive traffic to your website or landing pages, and start conversations on Twitter.

Gain audience insights

Learn which influencers, events and topics drive engagement for your target audience.

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Find qualified prospects on social media, engage with them and sync directly to Marketo!

Socedo's Marketo Integration imports your social media leads from Socedo into your Marketo instance on a daily basis. Every Socedo lead that engages with you on social media is synced directly with Marketo along with valuable data like company name, title, and location.

Socedo's integration also imports all of your social engagements directly into your Marketo instance. With this data you can create smart lists of your Socedo leads, for example those who responded to your direct message, or those who clicked on a link. You can use this activity data to create lead scoring rules to prioritize how you want to follow up or re-engage these leads.

With this integration of Marketo and Socedo, you can streamline your social marketing and lead generation process by adding hundreds of new leads a day from Socedo into your marketing pipeline.

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