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Marketers use SnapApp to create amazing interactive experiences across channels that engage audiences and easily scale marketing efforts.


Unleash Your Marketing and Get More From Marketo With Interactive Content

Now that you have marketing automation in place, you need great content to fill out landing pages, emails, nurture tracks, and more. 

Marketers use SnapApp to easily create, publish, manage, and measure engaging content including assessments, surveys, ROI calculators, interactive white papers, and more. Content connects right to your Marketo instance, CMS, social media pages, mobile, and more – with no IT or development support required.

Why Marketers Love SnapApp

  • More engagement and more leads. Interactive content creates a two-way dialogue that connects your audience with your brand. The result is a buyer-centric experience that resonates with your buyers, attracts their attention, and keeps them engaged, vs. old-school, seller-centric approaches that tend to lecture. SnapApp customers see an average 45% click rate on their interactive content.

  • Better, more valuable data. A more engaging experience means asking key questions early on, qualifying leads faster. And because we integrate directly with Marketo, you can easily use that data to guide your best prospects through your sales process faster. On average, SnapApp customers see that 80% of users complete all questions.

  • Get more out of your content and campaigns. Because SnapApp is intuitive and easy to use, you don’t have to be a developer or designer to build interactive content and make it a part of your marketing mix. You can easily create and repurpose more content, more efficiently, without a ton of extra work.


You can integrate with SnapApp in two distinct methods:

  • Lead Data API: SnapApp's direct data API integration with Marketo enables the seamless passing of data from SnapApp lead forms into Marketo. The API makes it easy to map data including lead form fields, question-answer responses, and fixed and hidden field values.
  • Landing Page Embed: Turn your static content into an interactive experience by embedding a SnapApp into a Marketo landing page. Additionally, you can embed the first question of the SnapApp directly into an email, and, after the user engages, they can complete the remainder of the SnapApp on your landing page, Facebook tab or a microsite

Watch this webinar to learn more about how customers, like S&P Global Market Intelligence, are using SnapApp and Marketo to generate leads and significant pipeline.

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I simply cannot overstate the ease with which we can develop and deploy highly engaging content.
Justin Yopp - Demand Generation Consultant, DDI