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Include SMS as a part of your marketing campaigns to boost your open and response rates!


Founded in 2007, SMSGlobal provides messaging solutions to some of the world’s best known brands, banks, government, airlines and many more. Businesses connect to SMSGlobal using our flexible APIs, advanced web platform (MXT) or email-to-SMS. 

What if we told you there is a way to achieve a 97% open rate on your marketing messages? That’d be crazy huh? Not so. Welcome to the world of SMS marketing. It’s beautiful here. Messages are almost guaranteed to make it to the end user. It’s the next best thing to having a face-to-face conversation. Even Coca-Cola spend 70% of their mobile budget on SMS.


Being able to send personalized SMS communications through marketing automation tools gives you marketing superpowers. We have enabled you to do just that by using Marketo's webhooks and our secure APIs. You can use the webhooks in Marketo Flows and trigger SMS based on the your defined criteria and conditions.

What can you use SMS for?

  • Personalized Marketing offers and coupons
  • SMS Surveys
  • URL links to your landing pages for a particular marketing campaign
  • Reminder Alerts and Notifications to users based on their product activity, events, appointments etc.

Boost your marketing ROI by including SMS in your omni-channel, automated marketing today!


Use Marketo integration to send SMS via Webhooks, triggered from your Flows.

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