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By SMOps

Named 3x to the world's yearly top-50 elite Marketo experts by Marketo, and amongst the first users to ever get Marketo certified.


SMOps, which stands for Sales- & Marketing Operations, helps you to be successful in your commercial efforts by leveraging technology, process, insights, and best-practice syndication. More than 85% of our work is Marketo related.

We are passionate about MarTech and SalesTech. Our passion drives us the be the absolute best in the field. Projects that enable us to add value are a way to express our passion. We don't go for the quick buck, but for equally beneficial partnerships with our customers.

In the past years we've been asked to work on the many challenging Marketo related projects (e.g. Staples, Rockwool, Trend Micro, DHL Express, Essent, Leaseweb, PinkRoccade, and many more. We work for large enterprise (e.g. Staples EMEA or DHL Express with 217 countries and many millions of contacts and hundreds of millions of monthly web visits), but we also work for medium sized business, such as HVC KringloopEnergie, Fox IT, or Synack. As long as we believe we can add value, we'd love to take on the challenge. Just check for more information.

We specialize in B2B and the complex sale. We don't just implement Marketo, we truly support marketing and sales alignment at our customers. It's not about the platform, but about leveraging it to create value. That's why over 50% of our customer base consists of customers that already had Marketo implemented by another agency, but ask us to take it to the next level.

Customers also reach out to us for the more complex projects, which involve complex IT landscapes, which require integrations. E.g. We've worked on projects, which required us to integrate with almost 30 webshops, based on different platforms, in over 15 countries, combined with 15 different ERP instances, etc. The more complex it gets, the bigger the challenge!

Please connect with us, we'd love to explore how much value we can add to your business!


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Adam New-Waterson, CMO at LeanData Inc.