CALCITNOW for Marketo

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Calculate field formulas with ease with the powerfull formula wizard! (e.g. math, dates, text, scores)
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Unlimited formulas
  • Unlimited calculations
  • Easy formula wizards
  • Usage dashboards

Have you ever tried to subtract dates, and display or store to results in days or months, in Marketo?

CALCITNOW is able to load field values, apply your formula, and push the result into another field. This allows to you to store values like 'Days-to-MQL' or 'Weeks-in-Nurture'. Or what about data decay? Reduce lead score with 10% for every month of no activity? You can only achieve this with CALCITNOW!

Use the easy formula wizard to create a formula, based on the available fields in your Marketo instance. Or use the free format editor to directly type or drag and drop fields and functions.

Your formulas can be run on demand through a webhook, but can also run on an automatic cadence (e.g. every 5 minutes or every day). You can even limit the number of effected leads by limiting your formula to a static list.

CALCITNOW has a native integration with Marketo. All you need to do in Marketo is to set up an API-user and enter those credentials in CALCITNOW to get started.

Visit http://www.smops-soft.com/calcitnow for more information and demo videos.


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Marketo Integration

Calcitnow for Marketo

Calcitnow not only works as stand-alone, but also has a native integration for Marketo. It was actually built for Marketo and stand-alone support was added later on.

Some additional Marketo integration benefits

  • Limit formulas to leads on specific lists
  • Compose formulas by dragging and dropping your own fields (daily auto-sync)
  • Formula cadence through ReST API (auto execute every 5 minutes up to every 30 days)
  • Enhanced webhook. No need to map fields!

Setup steps

  1. Just follow the default steps to set up a ReST API user with read/write access in Marketo.
  2. In the Settings-tab in Calcitnow, just enter your host, client_id, and client_secret and you are done!

More information

For more information, please visit http://www.calcitnow.com.