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SmartMPM - Marketing Performance Measurement

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Real-time performance analysis of integrated marketing campaigns. Compare digital and traditional channels and see how your marketing mix measures up.
Main Features
  • Compare Traditional & Digital
  • View Traditional's Halo Effect
  • Out-of-the-box Dashboards
  • Free plan for one campaign

SmartMPM stands for Marketing Performance Measurement, and is cost-effective marketing intelligence for real-time performance analysis of integrated campaigns.

  • Significantly reduce your time spent on data gathering and report building
  • Provide deep insight into a campaign with attribution modeling, offline and online conversion goal tracking, individual channel reports, ROI reports and marketing mix dashboards
  • Build trust and transparency with concise and visually elegant interactive reports

The set of marketing dashboards let your team compare traditional and/or digital marketing channels throughout the lifecycle of your campaign.

In fact, measuring the ROI of all the aspects of your campaign – online and offline – in near real-time, is within reach. When you can adjust and perfect your organization’s campaigns while they’re live, you can reduce wasted marketing spend and make significant data-driven decisions before it’s too late.

SmartMPM combined with a free Google Analytics account is a cost-saving powerhouse compared to tools with significant price tags. It's a great solution for small to mid-sized agencies and media companies.

Deliver clear, dynamic and transparent campaign measurement and ROI reporting to your clients and management – illustrating the campaign’s value - whether your focus is digital, PR, advertising, broadcast or full service.

SmartMPM is a great ally when you need to make your proposals stand out. Elevate your work with the two-pronged approach of measuring integrated campaigns and reducing your team’s time spent on report generation. The option to white-label the SaaS solution and offer it to your clients as a valuable service makes this a no risk solution.

Sign up for SmartMPM Lite - the free forever plan!

Start setting up your campaign right now, and gain access to reports on your Google Analytics, organic search, Google Adwords, Twitter, YouTube, Constant Contact, Exact Target and MailChimp accounts!

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