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THE REVOLUTIONARY MARKETING PLATFORM FOR BRANDS ON A MISSION.Smartify’s intelligent platform ignites your engagement rate.


Smartify launched in 2011 on a mission to revolutionize marketing for brands.

Smartify’s platform eliminates the problems that plague marketing: Astronomical costs, a paucity of insight, and the mission-critical problem of data silos. Smartify pairs a mighty solution suite for ecommerce, mobile, social, and loyalty with data-driven marketing products that outnumber (and out-convert) the industry…with sexy visual analytics baked right in, automatically.

Designed from day one with the next generation marketer in mind, Smartify’s cloud platform is built and run by a team of world-class behavioral data scientists, brand strategy and marketing analytics leaders, and enterprise product architects. Want to know how Smartify works? See it in action. You might also want to review our solutions, peruse our most popular products, check out pricing and see our list of official partners.

Smartify enables brands to transform their marketing from perishable to powerful.


While configurations details will vary based on the scope of the integration, in general Smartify will need the following items:
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