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With a powerful combination of enterprise-class technology, authentic voices, and professional services, Skyword propels clients’ content marketing.


Let’s make it simple: content marketing works. Why? Because today’s consumers are busy, and valuable content is worthy of their time and attention. But what are the right stories, processes, and tools for creating content that breaks through? In other words, how can you become a great brand storyteller?

At Skyword, we’ll help you find the most skilled and influential writers, designers, and videographers – and we’ll provide you with a platform that makes great storytelling scalable. Behind our creative powerhouse sits enterpriseclass technology and professional services that can help you inspire deeper connections with your customers. From conception, to creation, to continual brand amplification, Skyword offers the tools to make content marketing a sustainable business differentiator.


As a content marketer, you’re constantly being asked to prove the ROI of your program but have limited ways to do so. Reporting engagement metrics like pageviews are necessary but don’t tell the whole story. Key stakeholders want to see how your content is driving new leads and resonating with existing leads. If you don’t have access to your marketing automation platform on a daily basis, demonstrating ROI is a hassle. But with Skyword’s Marketing Automation integration with Marketo, you can own all of your audience intelligence on one dashboard that combines Skyword’s native storytelling metrics with Marketo reports. 

Skyword + Marketing Automation offers a deeper level of visibility into audience engagement so you can truly understand what triggers conversions. Ensure your content is resonating with the right audiences by tracking who is coming to your site, where they came from, what story piqued their interest, what types of content are driving the most leads, and who keeps coming back for more. You can also see the content each lead is viewing to share with your sales team and help guide conversations. You can even export the leads' email addresses from Skyword to perform actions in Marketo such as send email, add to nurturing program or campaign, change owner to a sales person, and a lot more.

Track Your Customer’s Journey:

The Analytics pages of the Skyword Platform include metrics on lead acquisitions so that you can keep an eye on what content is resonating with your audiences. 

Marketing Automation Reports: 

  • Page Program Activity Summary 
  • Marketing Leads Generated
  • Most Active Leads 
  • Most Viewed Content By Leads 
  • Program Activity 
  • Lead Activity 
  • Written Content 
  • Contributors 

Email Content Creation: Sync Publishing Channels:

In addition, Skyword + Marketing Automation offers a streamlined solution for publishing content directly to your email marketing campaigns. Create customized workflow for review and approvals in Skyword and then transfer approved content created in the Skyword Platform directly to Marketo. You also can tap into Skyword’s freelance community to identify and manage talented writers for outbound campaigns. Ensure that your email copy is aligned with the rest of your messaging and required due diligence to create high-quality, stakeholder-approved campaigns. 

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