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Skyhook Location Intelligence & Context Now

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Create location experiences with Skyhook's powerful features and analytics to increase engagement, monetization and differentiation.
Main Features
  • Deliver dynamic UX by location
  • Location-derived Personas
  • Infinite Geofences
  • Easy-to-use web interface

Whether you're a retail app looking to increase Monthly Active Users or an SSP in search of new revenue streams, Context Accelerator is the most actionable way to know your users better and reach them with location context-initiated experiences.

Infinite Geofencing

With the click of a mouse, you can deploy infinite geofences around any venue, brand chain or venue category. Each time your users trigger a geofence you create, your app can deliver messages, load relevant content, or adapt your UX to the user’s physical surroundings.

Venue Visits that Matter

Geofence any venues selected from our curated venue categories and precisely located brand chains worldwide. Our venue database maps to IAB and Google AdWords taxonomies you and your advertising partners already use.

Fully flexible Payloads

Our geofences trigger custom payloads you can assign to any function in your app or device. Add additional logic around geofences or schedule local notifications and messages based on this completely open plain-text field.

Dynamic Consumer Intelligence

Skyhook's Personas unlock mobile consumer behavior - their demographics, interests, and intents - based on location history. Our out-of-the-box Personas are market-ready for you to customize content or pass anonymized user data to your advertisers or other 3rd party partners.    

Deliver personalized UX with anonymized contextual data on each user's location-based behavior, so you can personalize app content, create real-time experiences or target advertising.

As your mobile users move throughout their everyday lives, Skyhook constantly builds and refines their Personas in the background--even when they are not interacting with your app.

Easily Manage Projects in Online Dashboard

My.Skyhook is an easy-to-use web interface for managing all of your Skyhook projects. Use our dashboard to create and manage your location projects, download SDKs or access your API keys and setup location-based messages with ease.