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Leverage Marketo to deliver personalized offers and loyalty rewards


Getting customers to be loyal can be hard. SirCoupon makes it easy to opt into a frequent shopping / loyalty engagement program that incentivizes customers at every touch point and adapts to customer preferences. 

Through earning points for joining, continuing with the program, getting friends and family to share referral codes and of course buying merchandise, end users can treat points as a currency -- and redeem prizes at various point levels.

Utilizing the SirCoupon integration, Marketo customers can send out personalized offers, have customers redeem them at a Point of Sale, and report that information back into Marketo for additional segmentation and campaigns.

This automatically triggers a response back to Marketo to do one of several things:

  • Send thank you email soon after purchase, possibly upselling with another offer.
  • Send specific offer if person does or doesn’t respond to one or more offers after a certain period of time
  • Put someone on a particular “nurture track” to receive offers based on past behavior
  • Allow an individual to accrue points which are listed in each email (via a Token) and give them specific rewards for reaching a certain threshold


Leveraging Marketo for delivering personalized offers and for creating your own loyalty program couldn't be easier.

To start, create a webhook that retrieves information from SirCoupon for your personalized offer, and your team will be able to send offers to your targeted demographic via SmartLists effortlessly.

Once offers are scanned in at the Point of Sale (POS),  Marketo activities are logged with all of the pertinent information.

Utilizing this valuable information, you can target customers who have redeemed offers for maximum impact. Consider upsell opportunities, or segmentation techniques that leverage consumer buying behaviors.

Do you want to employ your own Loyalty reward program using Marketo? No problem. Utilizing SirCoupon and Marketo, you can develop your own earn and burn offer reward system -- whereby customers are a) reminded of their points in each email and b) will automatically get special rewards when thresholds are met.

Once in SirCoupon, you can access a portal to further customize offers that integrate with Apple Wallet -- as often as necessary.

You can even use SirCoupon to put people on a particular nurture track so that offers are truly targeted for the right demographic.

Leverage the power of Marketo and SirCoupon for increasing total customer lifetime value through offers that can be as creative as you get.




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