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Simon Data

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Let marketing get the most out of your data.
Main Features
  • Ingest all your customer data.
  • Create lifecycle segments.
  • Test multi-channel campaigns.
  • Automate what works!


Your customers tell you when and where they’re ready to buy — but can you react? With Simon, you can quickly identify critical lifecycle moments and automate personalized marketing campaigns in any channel. Driving more revenue and improving marketing ROI is that easy.

Here's the lowdown

Simon connects virtually all of your core data sources — transactional, engagement history, customer service — to create a unified customer view, and drives marketing in email, SMS, push, in-app, on-site, and beyond.

It just works
Just collecting data isn't enough; marketing systems require world-class engineering to function successfully. Simon brings together all of your customer data in a way that's resilient, fast, flexible, and transparent.

You're in control

Take any action with your data in any of your marketing channels. Learn about your customers, then leverage your insights to create intelligent multi-channel workflows without needing support from your data engineering or IT teams.

Optimize everything

Simon gives you a full suite of testing tools that are as intuitively easy to use as they are powerful. Create multi-variate campaigns with optional holdouts, then track customer cohorts downstreams so you'll know the total impact of your marketing efforts.