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Your company is sending millions of emails every year. Sigstr turns those emails into a powerful, dynamic marketing channel that drives real ROI.


The average company with 100 employees sends one million emails annually. Sigstr turns those emails into a powerful, dynamic marketing channel that drives real ROI.

Centrally Managed Email Signatures

Make life easier for everyone in your company and maintain brand consistency. Sigstr Signatures automatically adapt to every department's needs while being managed from a single point. But that's just for starters...

High-Impact Ads and Campaigns

Whether you want to tell the whole world about an upcoming event, or you want to instantly turn every employee in your company into an account-based marketer, Sigstr allows you to deliver relevant call-to-action banners in every email your employees send. 

1:1 and Account Based Marketing

Sigstr's account-based and contact-based targeting aligns email signature banners to individual email addresses, entire email domains, or any static or smart list in Marketo. Turning every employee in your company into an account-based marketer is as easy as pointing a Sigstr campaign to any list you've built in Marketo.

Employee email is your biggest untapped marketing channel. Unlock it with Sigstr.


Works On Every Email Client

Sigstr works on Gmail, Outlook and just about any other email system you can think of.

Account Based Marketing

Simply map your Sigstr campaigns to your Marketo static or smart lists to turn every employee email into a highly targeted ABM campaign.

Landing Page Integration

With a simple copy+paste, you can map any Sigstr campaign to your Marketo landing pages, giving you deep performance and conversion analytics.

Automatically Capture Leads

Sigstr will automatically capture and create a lead record for anyone who clicks on a campaign. Tell your outbound team to go nuts!

Progressive Campaigns

Use Sigstr in conjunction with a Marketo Smart Campaigns to automatically align content to every stage of your buyer's journey.

Lead Scoring and Analytics

Now every email your employees send are a datapoint in your Marketo instance. Track and score leads based on their engagement, every time.

Max Limit (6 Features)


Sigstr has a full, bi-directional integration with Marketo, including the ability to leverage both Smart Lists and Static Lists. With this integration, you can use Sigstr to dynamically target based on list membership, direct landing-page linking, automatic lead creation, influence lead scoring and processing rules.

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"The results speak for themselves. Sigstr has increased our pipeline 477% over the previous year."
Jennifer Rios – Marketing Operations Manager, Invoca