Siftrock - Email Reply Management for B2B

By Siftrock, Inc.

Manage and mine email replies automatically.


You've seen the replies and auto-responders that come back after each email send. 2-3% of emails will get a reply. It's a pain. 

Siftrock manages and mines your email replies so you can save time, clean-up your database, track engagement, and send new leads to your sales team. It's fully automated and works with Marketo.

Over 100 leading B2B companies use Siftrock. Here's what some of them say:

"I recommend Siftrock to any marketing ops team. Humans should not spend hours filtering email replies – it’s not scalable. Siftrock’s support is solid, they are open to suggestions, and the product works."

-- Josh Hill, 5x Marketo Champion

"Siftrock delivers high quality contact data andsurfaces opportunitiesthat we wouldn’t haveseen in the past. It's a must-have tool."

-- Nichole Marsano, Sr Director of Demand Gen at Payscale

"It's probably the easiest thing I've set-up this year."

"Siftrock has already attributed for $84K of direct closed won revenue and 49K contacts on target accounts."

-- Matt Solomon, Marketing Ops at Procore


Reply Management and Tracking

Route real human responses to the right rep. Measure reply rates. Manage & track all campaign responses in one place.

Data Cleaning & Enrichment

Invalidate out-of-date contacts. Find job changes immediately. Update phone numbers & titles from email signatures.

New Sales Contact Discovery

Surface new sales leads from OOO replies. Find replacement contacts when people change jobs. Mine email signatures for new phone numbers.

Max Limit (6 Features)


How it Works:

1.) Siftrock aggregates your replies via connected inboxed (Google Gmail or O365), or with a custom subdomain (aka virtual inbox).

2.) Siftrock automatically processes every email reply, auto-responder, and soft bounce to categorize, find contact data and surface key insights. This process using machine learning and natural language processing to read and mine the text of every email.

3.) Siftrock syncs data to Marketo based on the rules you determine. We can either create new contact records or update existing records.

Configuring Your Integration:

- Set-up an API user in Marketo for the integration.

- Authenticate from your Siftrock account.

- Set your rules and workflows to start syncing data.

Detailed configuration instructions can be found in Siftrock's help guide here.

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