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Mine Email Replies for Fresh B2B Data

Siftrock, Inc.  |  Applications
Cleaner B2B data and fresh leads by mining auto-replies & email responses
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Main Features
  • New leads from auto-replies
  • Data cleaning on job changes
  • Message routing and alerts
  • Data sync with Marketo

What is Siftrock?

Siftrock is a simple, passive way to clean your database and find fresh leads for B2B and ABM. It works by automatically mining the email replies and auto-responders that come back from your marketing campaigns.

Siftrock works behind the scenes, and syncs data with Marketo based on the rules you set.

Top B2B marketers like Citrix, Avalara, SurveyMonkey, Glassdoor, RingCentral, and Payscale use Siftrock to improve database quality, find new leads, and save time.

Why Email Replies?

2-3% of emails get a reply and these replies (including those pesky OOO auto-responders) contain tons of useful data for marketing & sales. By passively mining email replies, you can answer:

  • Who has left their company?
  • Who replaced that person?
  • Who else can I contact when my prospect is on leave or vacation?
  • Which emails are no longer valid? 

Case Study:

Payscale recognized value in replies, but was manually sifting through thousands of messages each week. Payscale's solution: Siftrock for Marketo - the simple way to mine every email reply,automatically clean or append data, and uncover fresh leads.

The Results:

  • 15x ROI on Siftrock.
  • 6,500 new fresh contacts added to Marketo.
  • 5,000 job changes found & updated records.
  • 8+ hours/month saved for marketing ops.

What They Said:

"Siftrock delivers high quality contact data and surfaces opportunities that we wouldn’t have seen in the past."

-- Nichole Marsano, Director of Demand Generation, Payscale




Marketo Integration


How it Works:

  • Siftrock aggregates your replies via a simple forwarding rule or dedicated subdomain 
  • Siftrock automatically processes every email reply, auto-responder, and soft bounce to categorize, find contact data and surface key insights. This process using machine learning and natural language processing to read and mine the text of every email.
  • Siftrock syncs data to Marketo based on the rules you determine. We can either create new contact records or update existing records.

Configuring Your Integration:

1. Set-up an API user in Marketo for the integration.

2. Authenticate from your Siftrock account.

3. Set your rules and workflows to start syncing data.

Detailed configuration instructions can be found in Siftrock's help guide here.