Shuttlerock  |  Applications
Shuttlerock helps businesses to increase sales by leveraging social media and crowd marketing to engage with new and existing customers.
Main Features
  • Collect and Share Content
  • Social media integration
  • Contests and sweepstake
  • Mobility and coupons

Shuttlerock is making waves with a new form of website marketing. Most people are more likely trust a friend over advertising so it’s not surprising that word of mouth (WOM) is still the most effective form of marketing. 

The Shuttlerock cloud-based platform uses WOM to promote your website, drive engagement and ultimately increase your sales. It harnesses the advocate power of your customers through social media to promote your business for you using incentives such as coupons, contests and sweepstake.


Collect and share content

Shuttlerock has an easy upload system plus auto content collection. Pulling in and pushing out to the social channels creates a social ‘hub’ on your website


With WOM marketing being so effective, wouldn’t you want to be able to moderate what your customers are saying about you? With Shuttlerock you can approve or reject any content or comments before they go onto the platform


Run sweepstake and contests 

Shuttlerock’s easy sharing, voting and commenting capabilities means by using incentives you can really increase the engagement and get your customers to share out to their network. This generates more unique visitors to your site

White Label Platform 

Shuttlerock looks and feels like a part of your website and set up as a sub domain directly integrated with social channels. It curates content from these channels bringing fresh, real content onto your website that you have full control over. By then syndicating it back out again it drives fresh, new users back to your website and give you the SEO benefits.

Easy Integration with Social Channels 

By asking the user to sign in with Facebook or alternately with an email address, not only is it a simple process to engage with the social channels but you end up with a user database including demographic information about those user. This information can be uploaded into your Marketo platform. 


Mobility and Coupons

Our platform is mobile device aware and can be tailored with your branding. Our mobile platform allows the capture of content as well as the issuing of coupons, which we call “rewards for content” that can be easily redeemed through any point of sale outlet.


Platform Management

Shuttlerock is highly configurable. Multiple customer engagement campaigns can be easily created and managed using our secure and easy to use management user interface.