Email Engagement Optimization for Marketo

By Seventh Sense

Go From Blasting To Precision Email - Email Frequency and Send Time Personalization


With Seventh Sense for Marketo, marketers can use their existing campaign and corporate email data to:

  • Increase open, click through and conversion rates
  • Increase deliverability
  • Decrease unsubscribes
  • Re-engage dormant contacts
  • Achieve higher ROI with their email marketing channel
  • Align sales and marketing using data

Given the sheer number of emails we receive daily, great subject lines and content are no longer enough to capture attention in the inbox. You can now utilize your data to create a personalized delivery time of every email you send whether you're in sales or marketing.

Additionally, email fatigue is a hidden plague we all face and occurs when the volume of emails received is greater than the desire to engage. You can now use your Marketo engagement data to automatically increase or decrease your sending frequency at the individual level.

How do we do it? Humans have predictable patterns. They get up, commute, hold meetings and keep personal commitments at set times each day. They also have predictable communication patterns, resulting in response rates being greater at certain times each day.

Seventh Sense for Marketo mines your engagement data to build profiles on every person that has engaged with you and then automatically discovers the best time to send email to each individual and at what frequency. Then it empowers you to automatically deliver your campaigns to each individual at their most optimal time and with the right frequency. 


Send Time Optimization

Automatically deliver emails to every individual at his or her most optimal engagement time.

Email Throttling

Throttling emails is a natural by-product of the system which increases deliverability.

Knowledge Transfer

Transfer knowledge on the best time to contact every lead to your sales team.

Increase Your Sender Reputation

By increasing engagement, you'll increase your sender reputation with major email providers.

Email Frequency Optimization

Automatically discover the frequency at which you should send emails to every person in your database.

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Take your email marketing channel to a new level of sophistication and personalization in just a few easy steps. Deliver your sales team actionable insight on the most optimal time to engage each qualified lead and customer.

  1. Personalize the send time of your emails to catch your audience when they're sitting in their inbox.
  2. Gain actionable insight into each contact within your database and increase each campaigns success.

Integration takes minutes and you'll start seeing the results with your first personalized campaign delivery.  Yes, it really is that easy!

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Email deliverability is increasingly challenging, and with an email half-life of an hour or less, the time your email gets into your recipient’s inbox is more important than ever.
Doug Davidoff , CEO