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Email Send Time Personalization for Marketo

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Use predictive analytics to create personalized campaigns that reach your audience when they’re in their inbox and ready to engage.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Personalize w/o Segmentation
  • Contact Level Analytics
  • Cross Campaign Visibility
  • Marketing's Data Lake

With Seventh Sense for Marketo, marketers can use their existing data to:

  • Increase open, click through and conversion rates
  • Increase deliverability
  • Decrease unsubscribes
  • Re-engage dormant contacts
  • Achieve higher ROI with their email marketing channel

The number of email communications individuals receive daily is overwhelming. It’s a virtual bombardment 24 hours a day and they simply can’t respond, get through or even see it all. This results in countless hours and dollars wasted trying to reach an intended audience. Sound familiar?

The good news is humans have predictable patterns. They get up, commute, hold meetings and keep personal commitments at set times each day. They also have predictable communication patterns, resulting in response rates being greater at certain times each day.

Seventh Sense for Marketo was designed to augment existing analytics tools by personalizing send times based on an individual's likelihood to engage in email communications by time of day and day of week.  This allows our users to focus on the quality of the communication and not when to deliver it.

Marketo Integration

Take your email marketing channel to a whole new level of sophistication and personalization in just a few easy steps.

  1. Personalize the send time of your emails to catch your audience when they're sitting in their inbox.
  2. Gain actionable insight into each contact within your database and increase each campaigns success.

Integration takes minutes and you'll start seeing the results with your first personalized campaign delivery.  Yes, it really is that easy!