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Scout Customer Success integrates all your customer data, predict retention risks, and automate monitoring, alerts, administration, and communications


Maximize customer retention

Only Scout Customer Success can integrate all your customer data, predict retention risks, and automate customer communication and assistance. Scout Customer Success helps you retain customers and minimize churn.

Integrate all customer engagement data

Because customer usage is the basis for ROI and renewals, Scout Customer Success integrates usage data with all other sources of customer engagement data—from account details to surveys to sentiment data. You get a complete, 360-degree view for each customer, subscription, and user.

Predict retention risks

Using patent-pending predictive analytics, Scout Customer Success assesses each subscription owned by a customer and gives you the likelihood of churn, along with reasons for the churn risk.

Automate customer communications and assistance

Scout Customer Success uses rules to trigger and monitor customer engagement processes across multiple systems.

  • On-boarding Playbooks automates provisioning, user notifications and reminders, milestone monitoring, and issue alerts.
  • Adoption Playbooks helps users with feature discovery and targeted training.
  • Retention Playbooks alerts you when churn is predicted, and then automates remediation at the user level while orchestrating tasks at the account level.
  • Scout Customer Success also includes additional Playbooks for nurturing, compliance, and operational excellence.


Scout® Link for Marketo orchestrates end user nurturing to create customer success. Using Marketo’s marketing automation platform powered by Scout’s industry-leading predictive analytics, Scout Link for Marketo leverages user-level analysis and segmentation based on usage, customer health and subscription data, and then automates communication to end users to increase adoption of a product or service. These capabilities allow customers to extend marketing automation systems beyond traditional use cases to create loyalty and value, reduce churn and grow revenue.


  • Increase Adoption and Retention: Scout Link for Marketo combines predictive analytics and marketing automation to ensure that usage data can be leveraged for segmentation and nurturing of users in the customer lifecycle to increase adoption and revenue retention.
  • Improve Efficiency: Through automation of user synchronization and campaign management, customer success teams can efficiently and effectively touch more customers with less effort.
  • 360-degree view of your customer: Visibility into ongoing usage patterns at the user and subscription level that impact renewals and churn so effective nurturing can take action.


  • User Synchronization: automatically synchronizes users tracked in Scout® with Marketo ensuring all end-users can be easily contacted. 
  • Usage Triggered Communications: initiates communications to users based on feature usage within each product to drive adoption and loyalty. 
  • Health Scoring Triggered Communications: a scoring engine that initiates communications to stakeholders and users based on changes in health scores to mitigate churn risks and increase revenue retention. 
  • Subscription Triggered Communications: initiates communications to stakeholders based on subscription terms, improving timeliness and quality of stakeholder notifications such as overages and renewals. 

With Scout Link for Marketo, customer success managers can:

  • Automate customer communication and assistance for at-risk users.
  • Use Scout rules to trigger and monitor customer engagement processes such as provisioning, user notifications/reminders, milestone monitoring, and issue alerts.
  • Drive new leads with behaviorally targeted promotions

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