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Scout Marketing

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Scout Marketing integrates all your customer data, predict conversions, and automate targeting of up-sell and cross-sell offers to grow revenue.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Maximize leads and revenue
  • Integrate all customer data
  • Predict conversions
  • Automate campaign targets

Streamline data integration
Scout Link for Marketo is a service that streamlines data integration using fast, easy data-exchange tools. These tools can aggregate your customer usage data and integrate it with other customer data from any source.

Scout Link API
Collect new usage data.
Need a better way to collect usage data? Scout Link for Marketo provides simple scripts and APIs that can be embedded in any product to collect usage data events and integrate them with other customer data in the Scout Hub.

Import Automation
Leverage your existing usage data.
Already collecting usage data? Simply transfer your existing usage data to Scout Link for Marketo, which will import the data for you without programming more code.
Integrity and Deduplication

Ensure the quality of your data. 
Scout Link for Marketo checks the integrity of incoming data, ensuring that it includes all necessary information and meets proper quality checks. Scout Link for Marketo also deduplicates usage data records within your existing and previous transmissions and imports, to make sure that you're only adding unique data.

External Systems Integration 
Get a complete view of customer engagement.
Data integration from external systems is easy with pre-built data connectors for CRM, billing, and marketing automation systems. It's a simple, three-step process—just where, what, and when. Additional data feeds from survey or sentiment databases are just as easy.
Mediation, Enrichment, and Attribution

Transform usage data to support the business 
Make your data more powerful. Scout Link for Marketo provides usage data mediation to prepare data for other processes in the enterprise. Scout Link for Marketo enriches your raw usage data with new classifications based on your rules—making it much more useful, interconnected, and valuable. Scout Link for Marketo also attributes usage to the appropriate user, customer, and subscription data collected from other systems.

Multi-channel Streams
Create a complete, 360-degree view for each of your customers.
Scout Link for Marketo extends beyond a single stream of usage data to include all your channels—from website to mobile to marketing campaigns to call centers—so you can see the big picture.

Marketo Integration

Scout® Link for Marketo orchestrates end user nurturing to create customer success. Using Marketo’s marketing automation platform powered by Scout’s industry-leading predictive analytics, Scout Link for Marketo leverages user-level analysis and segmentation based on usage, customer health and subscription data, and then automates communication to end users to generate leads and create advocates.


  • Lower Your Cost Per Lead: Scout Link for Marketo lets you drive more leads from your existing customer base effectively lowering your cost per lead.
  • Improve Conversion Rates: Using behavioural targeting, Scout Link for Marketo improves the conversion rate of your campaigns.
  • Continuous Improvement: Closed-loop analysis allows you to track which segments provide the best lead sources.


  • User Synchronization: automatically synchronizes users tracked in Scout® with Marketo ensuring all end-users can be easily contacted. 
  • Usage Triggered Communications: initiates communications to users based on feature usage within each product to drive adoption and loyalty.
  • Health Scoring Triggered Communications: a scoring engine that initiates communications to stakeholders and users based on changes in health scores to mitigate churn risks and increase revenue retention. 
  • Subscription Triggered Communications: initiates communications to stakeholders based on subscription terms, improving timeliness and quality of stakeholder notifications such as overages and renewals.

With Scout Link for Marketo, Marketing professionals can:

  • Integrate all your customer data, predict conversions, and automate campaign targeting.
  • Leverage usage data to trigger next-best-offer recommendations in market based on actual customer usage to increase revenues.