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Boost campaign performance & email deliverability with real-time email verification. Cloud connectors make set up simple and quick.


Since 2001, Service Objects has provided real-time email validation services that verify and improve the deliverability and integrity of your email lists.

Service Objects’ email validation services perform over 50 verification tests to determine email address’ authenticity, accuracy, and deliverability. If desired, we can auto-correct common domain misspellings, syntax errors, and remove extraneous characters. By ensuring you are only sending to authentic and accurate email addresses, our service improves your sender reputation, protects your mail servers from being blacklisted and boosts your campaign's ROI.

There are several ways to use our services:

  • Real-time API - Validate incoming email in real-time.  Check emails at the point of entry, instantly correcting any common misspellings, extra characters and syntax errors. 
  • Batch - Validate and correct existing email addresses in you contact records.  
  • Cloud-Connector -  For Marketo users only.  Service Objects has made it simple for Marketo users to take advantage of our email validation services, with our simple to use connector designed to work within your Marketo account. Once connected, we can validate incoming emails and also monitor and correct your existing ones.  Our team can have you up and running in minutes.

Learn more about our DOTS - Email Validation on Service Objects' website or sign up for our free Data Quality Scan and learn about the health and viability of your email addresses and how Service Objects can help correct viable addresses and/or remove bogus email addresses that are hurting your campaigns' performance.  



Sub-second response times.


Corrects common misspellings and email errors to increase deliverability and reduce bounce rates.


Detect spam traps, honeypots and known spammers.


Bank-grade security.


Email Validation can be added to Marketo account in minutes

Max Limit (6 Features)


Service Objects' DOTS Email Validation is now available for integration with Marketo.  Via Webhooks our Email Validation service can be added to your Marketo workflow.  By following the steps in our integration guide you will be up and running in moments.  Using the guide will allow you to map the results from the service to any of your updateable fields and allow you to do analysis on the results.  The Email Validation service will return a score amongst other data points that provides you with an estimate on the validity of an email address.

Score of 0 = Email is Good 
Score of 1 = Email is Probably Good 
Score of 2 = Unknown 
Score of 3 = Email is Probably Bad 
Score of 4 = Email is Bad

In addition to these scores and other data points we will also return warning descriptions and note descriptions that will give you more information about the email such as is the email a known greylister, is the email believed to be a spam trap or a known spammer, is the email known to be a bot.  We can add insight into whether we think the email is bogus, vulgar or garbage.  These and many more data points that we provide will help you make the best decisions and save you time.  If you are looking for more technical information and/or sample code, please visit our Developer Guide.

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