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Identify vulgar, celebrity, dictionary-derived words and more.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • No more Mickey Mouse!
  • Identify bogus, vulgar names
  • Over 5M first and last names

First impressions are nearly impossible to undo ... so be sure your customers names are correct!

With our DOTS - Name Validation service, you can quickly identify vulgar, celebrity, dictionary-derived words that are typically used to create fraudulent or low-quality leads.  In addition, we fix name orders and associate a gender with the first name.

There are several ways to use our Name validation service:

  • Real-time API - Validate incoming names in real-time. 

  • Batch - Validate and correct existing names in your contact records.  

  • Cloud-Connector - For Marketo users only. Service Objects has made it simple for Marketo users to take advantage of our name validation services with our easy of use connector designed to work within your Marketo account. Once connected, we can validate incoming names and monitor and correct your existing ones. Our team can have you up and running in minutes.

Think your contact records are already accurate? According to SiriusDecisions, 25% of all contact records contain critical errors. With simple validation, you could easily reach those contacts.

Learn more about our DOTS - Name Validation on Service Objects' website or sign up for our free Data Quality Scan and you see how your data quality stacks up.

Marketo Integration

Service Objects' DOTS Name Validation is now available for integration with Marketo.  Via Webhooks our Name Validation service can be added to your Marketo processes.  By following the steps in our integration guide you will be up and running in moments.  Using the guide will allow you to map the results from the service to any of your updateable fields and allow you to do analysis on the results. 

As we say on our product page for this service “First impressions are important; get your customer’s name right”. With Name Validation in Marketo you will quickly be able to identify fraudulent names and keep the integrity of you system at high levels. 

The service also returns related first names with respect to the name in question, for example Robert will return: Bo, Bob, Bobby, Rob, Robby, Robert, Roberto…

The service will return various data points to help you understand more about the contact you have but it will also return to you several scores indicating the validity of the name at several levels such as its of vulgarity, celebrity, bogus and garbage.  We will also include the likely hood of the first, middle and last names to be a dictionary word. 

You can set your workflows up to examine the fine details that our Name Validation service returns or simply analyze the IsNameGood field which returns true or false on validity of the name.