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Address Validation by Service Objects

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Boost your campaign performance and mail deliverability with real-time address verification.
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Main Features
  • Fast & Accurate Validation
  • Verifies, Corrects and Appends
  • Ensures Deliverability
  • First 500 Validations Free

Since 2001, Service Objects has provided real-time address validation services that verify and improve the deliverability and integrity of your mailing lists.

Test out our leading real-time address validation service with response times as fast as 150 milliseconds, near-perfect match accuracy, and updates mirroring the USPS. We enable businesses to instantly verify, correct, and append address information to contact data records.

If your company’s marketing materials, products, or other important physical mail has been marked as undeliverable-as-addressed—or you’re simply losing money due to lost or missing mail—your contact database may require a real-time USPS address verification. Our DOTS Address Validation - US 3 service corrects, standardizes, and even completes all U.S. addresses in your company database. Service Objects also offers Canadian and International address validation services.

There are several ways to use our CASS Certified, USPS address validation service:

  • Real-time API - Validate incoming addresses in real-time. Check addresses at the point of entry, instantly correcting any transposed numbers, misspelled street names, or missing information.
  • Batch - Validate and correct existing addresses in your contact records.  
  • Cloud-Connector - For Marketo users only. Service Objects has made it simple for Marketo users to take advantage of our address validation services with our easy of use connector designed to work within your Marketo account. Once connected, we can validate incoming addresses and monitor and correct your existing ones. Our team can have you up and running in minutes.

Think your contact records are already accurate? According to SiriusDecisions, 25% of all contact records contain critical errors. With simple validation, you could easily reach those contacts.

Learn more about our DOTS - Address Validation - US 3 on Service Objects' website or sign up for our free Data Quality Scan and you see how your data quality stacks up.


Marketo Integration

Service Objects' DOTS Address Validation - US is now available for integration with Marketo.  Via Webhooks our Address Validation service can be added to your Marketo processes.  By following the steps in our integration guide you will be up and running in moments.  Using the guide will allow you to map the results from the service to any of your updateable fields and allow you to do analysis on the results. 

The Address Validation service will return several data points indicating the validity of the mailing address.  It is designed to take a non-standardized address, validate it against the latest USPS data, and return standardized, deliverable addresses

In addition to the service returning the corrected address data these are some of the data points you can use in your workflows:

  • IsResidential – indicates if the address is a residence
  • DPV - Number that correlates to a DPV(Delivery Point Validation) result. An indicator displaying whether or not the address is recognized as deliverable by the USPS.
  • DPV 1 = Yes, the input record is a valid mailing address.
  • DPV 2 = No, the input record is not in the DPV database of valid mailing addresses.
  • DPV 3 = The apartment or rural route box number is not valid, although the house number or rural route is valid.
  • DPV 4 = The input record is a valid mailing address, but is missing the apartment or rural route box number.
  • DPVNoteDesc  - Details about the DPV result.
  • CorrectionsDesc - Description of what was corrected in an address.
  • BarcodeDigits -The post office delivery barcode digits.
  • CarrierRoute - 4 chars: 1 for the route type, 3 for the route code. Identifies a group of addresses when pre-pended by 5-digit Zip.
  • CongressCode -The congress code is the congressional district number.
  • CountyCode -The county code of the given address.
  • CountyName - The name of the county in which the given address lies.

These and many more data points will help you effectively manage the addresses in your system for the best clean addresses.