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SenderGen Email Signatures, Campaigns & Leads

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Target banners in your corporate email signatures based on Marketo Segmentation. Automatically capture leads when people click the banners.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Supports Outlook, Gmail & more
  • Marketo template supports
  • Auto Lead Capture (no forms)
  • Deep content analytics

Tired of asking all your employees to update the banners in their email signatures?  

SenderGen lets marketing:

  • Centrally control all email banners across all devices and templates in seconds.
    • Any device such as Outlook, iPhone, Gmail and more
    • No Software to Install
  • Targeting each banner based on the recipient of each email.
    • By Industry, Title, Geography etc
  • Automatically Capture leads that people in your company are emailing.
    • Did you know that over 50% of the contacts that your employees email are not captured?
  • Drive up-sells, cross-sells and event promotions easily. 
  • Insert banners within your Marketo email templates

Marketo Integration

Marketo to SenderGen integration guide

By integrating SenderGen and Marketo you’re now able to:

  • Automatically target email signature banner ads based on the recipient's segmentation in Marketo
  • Automatically capture leads who click on email signature banners back into Marketo
  • Add banners to Marketo email templates
  • Sync Marketo Landing pages so that your banner ads can easily link to them.

In order to use this direct integration, you will need to have a SenderGen "Connect" account and a Marketo account.  Please see our PDF integration guide for detailed instrucitons.