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Semeon Analytics Platform

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Semeon is a social media analytics tool that combines the best semantic, sentiment, and intent analysis to create actionable insights.
Main Features
  • Semantic Analysis
  • Multi-lingual Analysis
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Intent Analysis

Semeon focuses on generating actionable insights for different verticals using social media analytics as a tool. Semeon targets Marketing Agencies, Marketing research companies, Financial institutions, Consumer Packaged Goods companies, Government Agencies, Consumer Electronic companies and Pharmaceutical companies. Semeon is deciphering the world of social media, one conversation at a time. The essence of conversations can only be captured within their context. Semeon enables precise interpretation and actionable insights.

Furthermore, Semeon unlocks the impact of social intelligence for business success. Built on 10 years of research and patented technology, Semeon uses the power of semantic analysis to accurately interpret human conversations. This is done through Natural Language Processing, powered by Semantic Analysis (adding context reveals the real picture), Filtering techniques  that have been perfected to reduce noise, weed-out spam and listen to the conversations that matter most, and Unique proprietary algorithms that measure and ingest large scale unstructured data, turning it into relevant concepts.