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Seismic Sales Enablement

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With Marketo and Seismic, enterprise marketing teams can personalize content at scale and throughout the funnel, improving lead scoring and win rates.
Main Features
  • Automated sales content
  • Full content visbiity
  • Improved lead scoring
  • Content effectiveness data

When combined with Marketo, Seismic's leading enterprise-grade sales enablement solution amplifies both technologies and allows marketing teams to:

  • Optimize marketing qualified leads: With Seismic, you can automatically include data and information you have captured about a lead in sales collateral, leading to more informed and effective sales interactions and content and making leads more valuable.
  • Personalize at scale, throughout the funnel: No longer will your sales collateral be stuck in 1996 while your marketing efforts move forward in 2016. With Seismic, you can bring the same level of deep personalization you’re currently performing at the top of the funnel to all sales interactions as well.
  • Improve lead scoring: With Seismic’s content usage and effectiveness analytics, marketers can now include sales engagement data in their lead scoring, updating the quality of leads throughout the funnel while also making data-backed iterations to sales content for even better future interactions.
  • Align marketing and sales: Does your marketing team complain about your sales teams’ inability to convert? Does your sales team complain about the low quality of leads? With Marketo and Seismic, better lead scoring means more quality information for sales teams, and consistent messaging throughout the funnel means a more effective marketing program.
  • Accelerate time to close and increase win rates: A more efficient funnel and educated, informed sales teams lead to accelerated sales cycles and improved win rates. What’s more: With Seismic in place, you’ll be able to take even more direct credit for your company’s increasing bottom line.

Seismic’s leading end-to-end sales enablement solution for enterprises increases sales efficiency and marketing effectiveness by delivering the right content at the right time. Seismic is the only sales enablement platform anchored by the award-winning LiveDoc® technology, which automates the creation of personalized sales materials within seconds, achieving personalization at scale and dramatically improving time spent selling and win rates. Usage and effectiveness analytics provide unprecedented insight into bottom-of-funnel content.