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Scribit puts premium content fuel into your social media, email, site and thought leadership marketing campaigns.
Main Features
  • Fully licensed content
  • Social media integration
  • Easily discover fresh content
  • Content engagement reporting
Scribit puts premium content-articles and information your customers will love-right on your website. And when you use Scribit for email campaigns and social marketing, you'll no longer need to worry about where the content you email, tweet, or post comes from. With Scribit, it all links back to your website. Scribit can fuel your social marketing, email campaigns, site engagement and thought leadership.

Social Marketing Programs
Scribit keeps the conversation going between you, your fans, and your followers with engaging articles, how-tos, stories, and tips that support your brand message. And because Scribit content lives on your website, when users click, traffic is driven right back to you. With Scribit, your brand will always be at the top of your customers' minds-which will drive commerce, fast.

Email Campaigns
Compiling and assembling content for email campaigns can be a tough and tedious job. But with Scribit, it's easy. Scribit provides remarkable efficiencies that make assembling must-open emails easier, simpler, and more streamlined than ever before. Best of all, when recipients open and click through your emails, they'll be clicking through to content that is hosted on your own website. If compelling content is keeping you from sending frequent emails-which ends up stalling your sales cycle-Scribit will make your job a whole lot easier.

Site Engagement
Content is content, no matter where it comes from, right? Not quite. What happens when potential customers click on a link you post to content on someone else's website? They leave your site-and they may never return. What you need is content that will engage visitors and transform them from interested prospects into dedicated customers. With Scribit, the content you curate and share resides on your website, so you'll never be sending customers away.

Thought Leadership
As a thought leader, you're expected to be a go-to source for the latest and greatest information in your field. But you may not have the time to carefully curate this content for your customers. Scribits provides industry-specific content from some of the best writers, analysts, and publishers on the web. With hundreds of new articles added daily, you'll be able to keep your readers informed with very little effort. And, in doing so, you'll continually underscore your reputation as a leader in your field.