Scribe Connector for Marketo

By Scribe

Scribe enables companies to share customer data across key business applications, such as Marketo, without any coding, just configure and go.


Scribe Software is a leading data integration provider that helps organizations easily develop, run, and maintain all of their data integrations across the entire organization.


What does this mean for you?

The Scribe solution enables you to extend beyond the common integration scenarios of Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Activity and Custom Object data in a pre-defined way. Examples of common uses include:


  • Your CRM system is something other than Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Custom workflows in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 mean you need a customized integration.
  • Integrating with multiple systems.
  • Ability to convert/manipulate data when integrating, such as combining your behavioral score and demographic score single number.
  • Migrating data from another Marketing Automation platform.
  • Combining Marketo data with other data for use with business intelligence or analytics.


Scribe's Marketo Connector enables your business to share critical marketing data with the rest of your organization for better sales and services intelligence. Enhance the effectiveness of Marketo with critical business data for better segmentation and targeting. Get better lifecycle analytics from top of funnel to opportunity when you integrate Marketo with Sales and other business systems.

If you already have a Scribe Online account, you can find the Marketo Connector in the Marketplace. If you don’t have a Scribe Online account sign-up for a free trial.

Business Benefits:

  • Integrate Marketo information with your other business systems.
  • Maintain Marketo lists from outside applications.
  • Provide your sales team with better intelligence about their prospect's engagement with your company's marketing activities.
  • Add opportunities from your CRM system to Marketo.

Technical Benefits:

Once connected, the platform obtains the metadata necessary to populate the design interface with available entities and their fields along with supported operations. The design interface is used to configure business logic, data queries, and data transformations.

  • The LeadRecord entity is exposed for upsert, read, and delete operations. 
  • The List entity is exposed for create, add, and remove operations.
  • The ActivityRecord and activity-specific entities are exposed for read operations.
  • The Opportunity and OpportunityRole entities are exposed for create, read, update and delete operations. These are API-only capabilities not available in the Marketo user interface.
  • Custom objects are exposed for create, read, update and delete operations. These are API-only capabilities not available in the Marketo user interface.
  • Support of Marketo “de-dupe” fields across all objects.


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