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Zembula - a better email capture.


Easily capture more email addresses on your site. Instantly boost customer engagement by making your email fun and interactive with Zembula. Simply sign up for a Zembula account and connect it with your Marketo account. Grabbing your recipients’ attention has never been easier. Build. Scratch. Convert.


  • Capture emails with engaging experiences(scratch-it, smash-it, pull tabs, etc)
  • Complimentary campaign strategy, and onboarding with your very own customer success team.
  • Marketo users get an additional 5% discount on yearly contract.


email capture

Capture emails with engaging experiences.

Max Limit (6 Features)


Now you will be able to subscribe email to lists with engaging experiences. 

List of Integration Features:

  • Capture Email Addresses directly into Marketo from your site after visitors engage with an experience.

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