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Intelligent automation to publish more / better content and generate more leads.

About provides intelligent content marketing automation to ROI-driven marketing teams. 


Key benefits:

Generate more and better content.
Get more traffic and leads from your content.

Main features:

Create better content. Do it faster.

Research what resonates with your audience: popular content on your keywords or recommended keywords you should use based on actual content performance.

Produce blog posts and newsletters 4-8x faster through advanced curation technology and CMS integration.


Use predictive insights to generate more from your content investment.

Use predictive insights to generate more from your content investment.
Be reminded of what to do next with each and every post.

Get intelligent recommendations based on your content performance.

Implement in a few clicks.


Plan. Execute. Audit. All of your content in one place.

Let your smart calendar visualize your objectives and guide your content plan.

Publish, schedule and promote content to all your channels.

Centralize your content inventory to perform regular audits and get a 360 degree view of your content assets.


Measure the ROI of your content.

Detailed content marketing analytics

Take the guesswork out. Measure the performance of each and every piece of content.

Integration Content Director integrates with Marketo to provide the following benefits:

1. Measure the impact of content on lead generation

2. Generate email newsletters with both original or curated content faster

Measure the impact of content on lead generation integration with Marketo allows you to precisely understand how many leads each and every one of your content assets contributed to generate. 

As your leads fill up Marketo forms or visit specific conversion events such as Marketo landing pages, Content Director will automatically attribute these conversions to the various content assets that influenced your lead. 

While Marketo is great at giving you a lead-centric view, Content Director will complete it with detailed and granular analytics showing for each content asset: views, leads converted, conversion rate. Empowered with this data, content marketers can improve content that doesn't convert well and double down on top converting content by promoting it further to their target audience. Content Director will even automatically audit your content library based on this data to provide AI-powered recommendations to generate more results without creating more content. 

Enabling this integration requires just a few minutes - either by adding Marketo forms to Content Director or by adding a tracker to Marketo landing pages. For details, contact us directly at [email protected].

Generate email newsletters faster integration with Marketo helps marketers curate relevant third-party content to supplement their own in order to generate richer, more engaging and more frequent email newsletters.  

By using automated content discovery engine, you can source content based on keywords or trusted sources in minutes. And through drag-and-drop email editor, you can build an email newsletter in just a few clicks before sending it through Marketo to any of your segments or through any of your automated workflows. 

Leveraging this integration is very easy and our team is ready to onboard you and handle the set-up for you. For details, contact us at [email protected].

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