Tag Manager

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The Salytics Tag Manager makes it easy to edit program tag values in bulk.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Bulk edit tag values
  • Filter programs by channel
  • Make changes using a CSV

Tags can be a great way to get detailed reporting on your programs. They help you break down your success in a way that makes sense to your team. However, you can’t get those detailed insights if your tags are a mess.


Salytics Tag Manager can help you organize your programs by making it easy to bulk edit tags. Simply pick the channel(s) you want to edit and we give you a CSV with all the programs of that type. Make changes to as many or as few of those values as you like and upload it using our upload Wizard. Once you upload your changes, Marketo will update in no time!

Marketo Integration

Integrating Tag Manager by Salytics with your Marketo Instance is easy to do with our set up wizard. The integration allows you to download a csv file with your Program tags, edit them in a program like Excel, and then Upload them back into Marketo in a few easy steps. Before setting up Tag Manager make sure you are logged in to your Marketo Instance as an Admin and navigate to the Admin tab. Then download our setup guide to help you through our setup wizard.