Two Way SMS & MMS Text Messaging

By Salesmsg

Salesmsg gives Marketo businesses and their team members a simple way to send & receive texts, pictures, and calls from your own computer or phone.


Struggling to get in touch with your leads and customers?

Does this sound familiar?

"I'm calling people, but no one's picking up. I'm leaving voicemails, but no one's returning my calls. I send emails and get little response, but like magic - when I send a text message, I book appointments, schedule demo's, and close sales!"

But here's the BIG problem…

They're typing with their thumbs and using their own personal cell phone number to send business text messages!

And that's why we built Salesmsg.

Salesmsg gives businesses and their team members a simple way to send & receive texts, pictures, and phone calls right from your own computer or phone.

Our customers say, "it's like Gmail for text messaging."

Real-Time Two Way Text Messaging

We now live in a “messaging” world... and we all know it. 

Yet, while business continue to call, consumers WANT to text.

Salesmsg make it easy for businesses to get with the times, all while being professional and seamlessly integrated with the systems they already use.

Because text messaging is so widely used it has become the main way that people communicate. So virtually every business can use Salesmsg to effectively communicate with their leads and customers.

Salesmsg gives Marketo businesses a simple way to have personal real-time text message conversations from their computer or phone. 

Send Texts Online From Local Numbers
Stop texting customers from your personal cell phone. Instantly search and secure local, national, and mobile phone numbers with the click of a button to send and receive texts.
Automate Your Personalized Text Messages
Easily integrate text messages into your marketing automation platform to automate your personal text messages to your leads, customers, and clients. 

Send Texts As The Leader Owner

If you're using Round Robins or distributing your leads to your sales team, with our Lead Owner feature you can automatically send text messages to contacts so they come from the Lead Owner. 

If Bill is the Marketo lead owner, Salesmsg will deliver the text message using Bill's Salesmsg phone number. If Susie is the lead owner, then we'll deliver the message from her Salesmsg number.


Salesmsg lets you automate two-way text messages with your leads, prospects, and customers from Smart Campaigns using webhooks.

We're here to help you get started and answer any questions you have. Contact our Marketo specialists at if you need assistance with the integration and setting up your campaigns.

Enable your sales teams to chat directly with their leads for book appointments, schedule demo's, and get things done faster.

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